Best Trail & Game Camera – Top 5

If you are on the lookout for the best trail camera, our team have reviewed the 5 top cameras which are good enough. More about this later.

The game camera has changed just how you can pattern and scout wildlife – to the next level. Most importantly, it could replace your times of sitting on a hunting blind. Yes, it is true!

Well, there exists only ONE issue. Choosing the right hunting camera that will give you good value for your money and time could become a problem.

Just have a look at the below unbiased and honest trail camera reviews, and select your ultimate cam today!

Without wasting any longer, let us get started.

Hunting Game & Trail Camera Comparison

Trail Camera NameMegapixelRangeTriggerCheck on Amazon
Browning Strike Force10MP100 ft0.67sCheck Best Price
Moultrie A-2012MP50 ftLess than 1sCheck Best Price
Stealth Cam G4210MP100 ft0.5sCheck Best Price
Bushnell Trophy Cam HD14MP60 ft0.3sCheck Best Price
Moultrie Panoramic 1508MP100 ft1sCheck Best Price

Top 5 Trail Camera Reviews

Browning Strike Force Sub Micro - Best Trail Camera for the Money

Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Game Camera


The Browning Strike Force HD Camera is the top rated and selling trail camera in the marketplace for hunting purposes. It is smaller in size, yet offers you the high-quality results with each click. Its improved infrared LEDs deliver a flash as high as 100 feet in the night.

It can take around 10,000 images and includes lapse, multi-shot, and rapid fire modes. The nighttime pictures are perfect, much like the daytime shots. Blurry pictures should get significantly reduced because of the quick trigger too.

The video is very good with audio thanks to the built-in microphone and improved video processor. Also, it can record audio. Combine it with a 0.67-second trigger speed, and it should get challenging for a buck to pass through undetected.

The LCD shows you exact temperature, date, moon phase, and time for each photo or video. It instantly responds to the motion on screen plus is tuned finely.

The camo finish case is tiny that it operates on only 6 AA size batteries, and just has a single latch. You could enjoy nearly 2 minutes for each trigger in this camcorder. You can store plenty of videos and photos because this model is compatible with upward to 32 GB memory cards.

Moultrie A-20 - Best Hunting Camera

Moultrie A-20 Mini Game Camera


The Moultrie A20 is the favorite A5 camera’s upgraded version. However, the new A-30 model offers some updates in the majority of the specifications. With one solid latch, its battery area opens up to reveal the 8AA capacity.

You can get about 12 megapixel, 640×480 video but no audio, and quicker trigger such as the multiple shots per trigger. Daytime images show ideal saturation and color range. Further, the camera includes 2 resolution options at 4000 x 3000px and 1600 x 1200px.

It is quick to setup since it comes with LCD interface screen. You could delete the excess video or even browse the settings.

It features 12 LED-based IR bank along with a potential 50ft flash range. For the best possible outcomes keep the trail camera in 25ft or less. Small is often better, as well as the case build looks good and more compact. Also, with the python wire, it can get attached to any tree.

As for capacity of memory, it works correctly with the SDHC/SD class 4 memory cards. It works with up to 32 gigabytes SD card. No cables are required to access the images remotely thanks to the Moultrie Mobile facilities.

Stealth Cam G42 - Top Trail Camera Under $100

Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera STC-G42NG


You receive a black flash (no glow) IR nighttime sensor and an improved 10MP picture sensor with the G42 by Stealth Cam. If any video camera can capture a long-distance photo, it would become one of these. It is incredibly intuitive and easy to use for beginners, with the simple sliders and arrow keys.

The camcorder comes with a case which is covered up with a camouflage finish. Settings could get adjusted to 180 seconds for each video so you will get a complete game’s behavior video around your cam. It contains the same super quick trigger of the budget G30 cameras, yet with an increased recovery time.

You can choose 2, 4, 8, or 10 MP shot settings to discover the correct balance of storage size and quality. You can capture images during the day and at night with little power use. Video, time lapse, photo, and burst modes all possess individual adjustments.

It comes with black flash 42 LED lights to illuminate night without warning anybody and offers shots up to 100 feet. You can make custom maps along with pictures at their Geo Tagged recorded location. The password setting lets you fix a pass code that is needed to run the camera.

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor - Best Wireless Trail Camera

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 14MP Wireless Trail Camera


Bushnell Aggressor cam features 1280 by 720 high-definition video recording, and the cam sensor improved to 14MP in full color.

Daytime pictures are actually with excellent depth range, full of color, and crystal-clear. The camera understands when the light of flash should go or perhaps not using the day-night sensor.

You can get plenty of programmable choices from this camera. It has a quick 0.3 s trigger speed, excellent nighttime flash range, plus no-glow IR camera. Its 60 feet range and 48 black no-glow LED flashes enables you to view captured pictures in the night.

It will not only withstand the wildlife or the wind storms that it may get put via when it’s tied to the tree but is waterproof as well.

You can handle the camera using an Android phone or iOS and through Facebook, the Internet, and email. The camera makes use of 3G functions, concerning Wi-Fi; hence it works in the USA.

Moultrie PANORAMIC 150 - Best for Security and Surveillance

Moultrie Panoramic 150 Game Camera


The Panoramic 150 from Moultrie is the top game cam with the CMOS 8MP image sensor. It is created to get the best-quality wildlife pictures and explicit videos. It oozes cool just from the moment you open it, along with a modern striking design.

It features a high-end lens performance and good trigger pace. It gives you safety code. It provides decent battery life as well.

Also, it has 3 infrared motion sensors which shutter trigger to take a photo or make a video. It can detect the difference in the heat that mostly happens when the target slightly moves plus captures quick images.

It can switch them to just one panoramic shot and shoot 3 images: one center, one left, and one right. Also, it includes an excellent shooting speed. Due to a range of 100ft, it is suitable for night pictures.

Video length differs around 20 seconds in the night and 90, 60, 30, 10, and 5 seconds in the daytime. Also, it records the temperature, time, and date of the photo during the click or shoot. The camera includes a new picture processing technology, giving you vivid and bright colors for clear capture.

Trail Camera Buyer’s Guide

holding a trail camera

Game Camera Pros

Modern digital game cameras are great scouting devices. Faster trigger speeds enable them to snap fleeting pictures of the game, and new batteries deliver a lot more power.

They can save on memory chips 1000’s of top-quality images and need minimum visits. Moreover, they work quietly, in contrast to film cameras; thus those are less inclined to frighten away animals like deer.

Buying Factors for Trail Cam

Many models are now available so selecting an appropriate trail camera could become a challenging task. Let us check out a few of the factors to look at while picking a game camera.

LCD Viewing Screen

This screen is helpful for many trail cameras. Also, it permits a more accurate menu to get used while setting functions.

Without needing to wait till you come back house to a PC, the trail camera having an LCD interface will let you view your pictures and videos at once. Also, you can delete those to restore space on the camera’s memory or in the SD card.

Viewing screens which are too large can add unnecessary weight to the product, while those that are also smaller can become a headache. The SD card viewers are an affordable option to getting trail cams together with viewers.

Detection Zone

Detection zone means the location where your best trail camera shall pick up activity before capturing an image. Any movement within this place will get detected, plus will get photographed. This region can think of like a triangle which flares out of the trail cam.

Field of Vision

Field of vision ranking of trail cameras lets you know how wide an angle of the camera. If it could only see subjects that pass straight to the front side a game camera which can detect activity 100 feet aside is useless.

Standard is 40 to 50 degrees. A few cameras get built with the 360-degree perspective. Some models have close to 100-degree FOV.


The range and the width are the significant numbers when discussing detection. Distance can differ by brands such as Covert, Cuddeback, Primos, and Super Hunter from as much as 100 ft to as low as 30 ft.

A small distance means you may miss a good picture of the elusive buck by some yards, plus you are checking a lower area. A larger detection area can result in more images. So, opt for the most extensive range you could afford.

Recovery Time

The pace at which your camera will take the following shot after storing the first shot captured is the time of recovery. A slower recovery time indicates that a trail cam can take fewer pictures than the device having a quicker recovery. Top of the range models has got a trigger rate under a second.

Types of Trail Cameras

Regardless of what you need to utilize it for these are excellent tools to own, and you will find a wide range available.

Flash Cameras

For night photos it is another kind of camera which can get handy. Their flexibility is what we enjoy the day or the night. However, due to the flashlight, they might not consider reliable for scouting or hunting for your predators.

Infrared Cameras

They are simple to configure and install. Also, it claims clear pictures of your animals and also has a higher resolution during the night. Since they value more compared to other kinds, the drawback of infrared models is the sale price.

Wireless Cameras

The wireless model is just what it as its title suggests which is no network wired connectivity. To transfer the photo from the cam to your recording unit transmitters are required. For indoor and out in the field use they are good options but, not for outdoor usage.

Cellular Cameras

This kind of camera will not save the data to the device yet captures pictures digitally. It sends the details to the cell phone device. You require SIM card along with a good signal and data package, and you want the wireless access or internet to get images.

Image Quality

What is the point of having a game camera, when you cannot observe what is on the field or terrain? The sharper your images will show the more MP a trail camera has got. High-quality pictures do not mean a higher megapixel number.

The top-quality is 14 to 20 megapixels. Mid-range models should have photo resolution in between 8 to 12 megapixels. The cheapest ones will range from 5 to 7 MP.

Therefore, a faster time to recover is essential. For safety, it is a must, while to scout it is a good deal of importance. Recovery duration will become less of a problem when you are tracking food plots.


It should contain memory card choices such as; SD card memory and internal memory. Usually, cameras include SD cards for handling the videos and images. There are a few that only come with 8GB cards, yet the high-end cameras support 32GB cards.

In case, you are shooting video, since video clip uses up more storage than pictures, you will, of course, need a bigger SD card. Therefore, you must remain careful of the memory selection.


When capturing an image, you know lighting factor is the most vital thing. The same precisely with regards to trail and game cameras.

It should have an excellent flash, and there are 3 different varieties of flashes; incandescent flashinfrared flashand no-glow (invisible) flash.

No-glow Flashes

These flashes will not emit light whatsoever. These have some other names, as well, for example, black or ghost flashes.

They do employ a bit extra battery power compared to other cams. The disadvantage is it will just take black/white images for a no-glow function to work.

Infrared Flashes

These lights are red glow very dim with infrared lighting. Moreover, as these do not need to charge before each image, these infrared types have quicker trigger times.

Incandescent Flashes

Models which comes with white LED and incandescent flashes, snap far better photos. However, bright flashes will not get too many images and scare and spook wildlife apart.

Trigger Speed

Trigger speed called the time when the animal comes into the frame until when the camera captures the pictures. In fact, might most people and including you will likely not pay a lot of attention for the quickness of the game camera. Because of this, when taking these home and view their first image they often get frustrated of this feature.

Those with super quick trigger duration can capture set of pictures that will get missed with cameras by slow trigger rate. However, the speed of the trigger isn’t a significant issue if you plan to put your camera on a few pack backs or food plot.


Your price range is one of the principal things. You have a few options when you can merely spend 70 dollars on the trail cam. However, regarding features and functions, you will get limited to a degree.

Than to spend less, it might remain worthwhile to invest another $50 or $100 and buy an efficient model. So, think carefully because purchasing cheap means buying frequently.

To ensure the cam is still inexpensive you can cut down the functions you will not want. You will own a unit you can employ for a long time when you order the correct trail camera from the beginning.

Battery Life

How long the battery will outlast is among the most critical factors. It should have high battery life as the hunting camera wants long-lasting batteries. Take note a trail cam along with long battery lifespan will not just save your time, but money as well.

You can find solar options available. Furthermore, cameras that utilize LEDs may last longer merely by their build. Many models provide you the choice to connect an external energy source, like a 12 or 9-volt battery.

Having discussed all the factors to take into account, we are sure you are all set to find the perfect model for you.

How To Use a Trail Camera

This section will assist you to know the fundamentals of trail camera usage.

installing a trail camera

The multiple-shot function is a huge benefit

Look for the camera along with a multiple shot feature. It could enable you to snap photos of an animal leaving the frames, in the middle of the frame, and getting into the structure.

Making use of infrared light

Swap memory cards if needed and move to the following one, while you visit the infrared field camera location. Include a green or red filter if you make use of a flashlight. For making it simpler to find the way by yourself from one to another camera, you could set reflective tape along with tacks.

Place the camera in a height

Set up the camera to a height as well as try to position them towards the north, not south because the glare from the sun can spoil your photos. It provides better shots at the corners of the area than setting up on waist height.

Monitor important activities closely

You can take advantage by carefully checking the most critical change that happens in a season. A wild trail camera can aid you to determine when it occurs though it’s not simple to guess. Also, it will allow you to concentrate on the auspicious locations, where you should have far better odds of hunting.

The set up is essential for success

You might not be able to investigate at a particular spot much regarding habits of the specific animal. By installing your cameras correctly in a pre-planned approach, you can obtain the details you need.

Point your trail camera down or up the trail

Cheap trail cameras having slower trigger duration might not have the ability to snap photos of wildlife which stroll without halting. To prevent it, angle the game cam. The lens should point down or up trail, rather than directly in a predator trail, scrape, or rub line.

Recreational toy vs. scouting tool

Many people see trail cameras like scouting tools which help them study the activities of wildlife. Others view them merely as recreational units that help out them to snap surreal images.

Look for the model having a quicker trigger time

Trail cameras with the fastest trigger speed can capture a lot more images.

10 Most Useful Trail Camera Tips & Tricks

Trail cameras with the fastest trigger speed can capture a lot more images.


There you have it. The game camera sure is to offer you the extra advantage you are searching. You can currently get features in a portion of the cost that merely found in the most costly models.

There are several options with regards to trail camera reviews, and the “right’ trail camera just does not exist. However, you will make the correct decision if you think about what you don’t need or need and take the time.

We hope this game camera reviews and buying guide will help you make your final choice for your next hunting season. We would like to hear regarding anymore best trail camera models which you would like to get added to our list. Enjoy the scouting!

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